Oversized Art 

The statement making impact of large scale art pieces is undeniable. They draw the eye, celebrate a room and have the unique ability to spark meaningful conversation amongst friends and family (unlike their smaller counterparts). 

While all of our prints are available up to A0, we’ve selected a few of our favourite works that look even better oversized. 

Simply select the A0 tab when adding your preferred piece to cart.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Oversized Piece 

1. A piece of this size should be one you can appreciate for a lifetime. Choose what you love, no compromises. 


2. Imagine the artwork in your space. Does it feel right? Do the colours work with those surrounding it? Can you picture looking at this for years to come? If something feels off, move on.  


3. Evaluate how lighting interacts with the artwork as this could impact the colour and overall visual effect. 

Katy Ward