About Us

We Make High-End Art Accessible To Everybody

Jasper & Jute’s vision is to bring the beauty and elegance of high-end art to a wider audience. Our team works tirelessly, alongside our Founder, Katy to discover and nurture the most talented artists from around the world, and offer their work to you in an accessible format – online.

With a growing collection of South African original art, prints, photography and an expansive collection of global art prints, Jasper & Jute is thrilled to assist you in bringing bare walls to life.

Meet our Founder, Katy 

Katy started Jasper & Jute in 2016 after searching for unique, stylish pieces to fill her own home. When she quickly realised that there was no single gallery or store that offered what she was looking for, she embarked on a journey of sourcing, curating and producing her own art prints.

This quickly turned into a hobby of helping others do the same, and so Jasper & Jute was born.