Kaylyn Taljaard

      Kaylyn Taljaard is an artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer, her artistic journey began in childhood, where she delighted in covering anything she could find with intricate patterns. However, as she grew older, she succumbed to the notion that true art must fit certain moulds of professionalism. Once she realised that careers exist in crafting intricate patterns, she started to fully embrace her passion.

      Surface pattern design has a big influence on Kaylyn's work. She loves to incorporate detailed patterns in her insect illustration to create a modern and decorative versions of traditional scientific drawings of insects. She also has an inability to resist using colour in her work, shenis inspired by colours found in nature and takes these colours and uses them in an unconventional and unexpected manner. By doing this, she can reimagine scientific botanical illustrations, breathing new life into them within the contemporary realm. What sets her creative process apart is its delightful randomness, mirrored by the diverse array of mediums she uses to bring her visions to life.

      For the longest time, Kaylyn felt the weight of conforming to a singular artistic "style." However, she has come to embrace the idea that her "style" can be beautifully centered around nature, allowing her the freedom to experiment and evolve. In her art, she finds liberation in the ever-changing dance between creativity and the natural world. Welcome to Kaylyn's world, where every stroke is a celebration of the intricate patterns that make up the tapestry of life. Join her as she explores the seamless blend of nature and creativity, where the unpredictable is not just accepted but celebrated.